Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Little Fun

Last night was a waste as I signed up for the Mookie 2nd chance shortly before it started. I figured all request for my time had been filled and thus could play. A few minutes into it my wife asked me to give her a hand with some thing so I got super aggressive with an A9 off suit and dumped my ships to SLB. I figured I could sit out for a while if I doubled up and still have chips when I got back. Oh well.

So after I get back to the poker machine I fired up an SNG and won for the big prize of $22.50. At that point it was late so I turned it off for the night.

I was looking some previous post and came across this from back in August. At that time I was nearing the end of my job search and ready to go back into the work world after a summer of doing little if anything constructive. So go here to read this past post and tell me what you think. It is about Bloom’s Taxonomy and how I relate it to poker.

I’ll be playing in the Riverchasers event that is brought to us by Al. He said this:

Cheap bastards rule. I have a Riverchasers cheapy HORSE tourney setup for next Wednesday night. Since I wasn't sure familiarliar those guys with this variation, I decided to set up a HORSE freeroll tonight. I threw $50 at it and let it go. 24 hours later and there are 140 people signed up at this point for a piece of change that wouldn't cover one round of drinks on a slow night.

I’ve played this one other time when there was a mess up and it became a heads-up tourney. Waffles is playing in it and it is a HORSE free roll with a $50 prize pool so I could spend 4 hours trying to win .75. That’s OK cuz it will be fun regardless.

I’m trying to go play a live tourney this Saturday at Worldpoker05’s place. He’s having a parents only party and we’re having trouble find a sitter so maybe we won’t be going. It would be too bad because I’m really itching to play against people and not avatars.

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