Tuesday, December 19, 2006

More of the Same

I guess the utter gall that an ass monkey like FTPROMO1217 employed during his life fulfilling dream of scamming people for $10 a crack still pisses me off. Who knows how many people got hit with this but with around 30,000 players online at the time, 1% of the crowd would get him $3000. I guess in some ways it’s pretty ingenious if he could get the money off quickly. I’m sure he’s laughing this off as his account gets closed after dumping the money in heads-up sngs.

As a matter as fact, I saw this #%&^%%^ on a heads-up table right after the chat message went out. He was calmly dumping his chips to a friend or to himself in a $20 game, getting knocked out very early and typing “GG” in the chat box when it was over. I didn’t ridicule him for fear of tipping him off. I know the money is gone and that’s fine. The real issue is that he is probably still playing under his real name after acquiring his ill obtained funds.

Go Be Rude had an encounter last week with someone stealing his sign-on and emptying his account. This would be a travesty for anyone who keeps their bankroll on a poker site and goes much deeper then a penny ante scam artist. I personally wonder how that can happen if you have control over your passwords unless your computer isn’t protected or there was a compromise in the poker site security system. I guess one wrong access approval when a Norton pop informs you of a threat could do it.

Anyway, I guess we have to remember that though there are many great people out there playing poker, there are also many low life SOB’s that will try to cheat you out of what you have because the don’t have it. Why earn it when I can take from someone.

End rant.

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DuggleBogey said...

Thanks for the link, good luck, and be careful out there.