Thursday, December 07, 2006

Good Luck Everyone

With the WPBT event ready to start I would like to wish each of my blogging brethren good luck on the felt this weekend.

I’ve made a decision that I probably won’t keep, to stay away from tournaments until I can increase my bankroll by $250. It’s a decision based on focus and goal setting that was missing during my down turn. Setting this goal and achieving it will allow me to get back much of what I dropped and help me regain the focus I lacked. Looking back, I realize that even though I ran badly for a while I started to chase loses instead of grinding back to maintain my bankroll level. I’m not a huge winner at Full Tilt t all. In fact my ROI is terrible there. It is positive but not at the level I’d like. Overall, on all sites I’m at 38% so I know from history I should be able to achieve my goal in about a week of limited play. If I do I will reevaluate and decide if I should continue for an additional $250 of to take some more shots at some bigger tourneys. Realistically, I can easily make $100 a week or $5200 a year if I stay with the same games but that’s really a grind. Playing these low level SNGs can be tough when you do them over and over again.

I guess I need to be more structured in my approach. I know I have the ability to take down a big tourney but continuing to take shots at bigger buy-ins can have a negative impact on the bankroll unless you’re hitting some final tables.


SirFWALGMan said...

Last time I ran my roll up to good numbers it was mostly by:

1 table SNG
2 table SNG
90 Person SNG (I cant use math good to figure out how many tables that is).

I also augmented it with some limit cash games. Mostly Razz while frustrating can be very profitable.

I am in process of running another bankroll up to a good number so I can destroy it. Current: 30-150 in the past week playing mostly SNGs.

Oh an Vegas is gonna RULE!

The Poker Enthusiast said...


don't drink to much soco.