Monday, December 11, 2006

A Weekend Without

With the WPBT event going on in the sin city the weekend chat fest was a little slow. Never the less, on-line poker continued to be played regardless of the missing bloggers.

JJ and hooked up and played the midnight madness Friday while I was playing a HORSE MTT on FT. We both made nice runs in the MM with JJ getting well into it before a huge suck-out crippled him and sent him to the rail. He was on his game and had a really nice stack but it wasn’t to be for him. I wasn’t very disappointed about getting knocked out of the MM because I was making a run in the HORSE tourney. I held the chip lead from about 50 players left and stayed in the top 5 until about 20 left when I missed all my draws in the Omaha h/l portion of the tourney. I held AKQJ double suited and saw a flop of 10, 9, 5. I held the nut flush draw, the nut straight draw and many over cards so I pushed on the only guy left in the hand. He came back at me and we eventually got all are money in the middle. Now if I count my outs I have any club (9) any 8 (3) any jack (3) any queen (2) and any king (3). That’s 20 outs twice. He held 94AA. Now if my math is correct I’m a huge favorite here even though I’m behind on the board. Anyway, I get no help and I’m back to the bottom half of the field. I held on and chipped up some when I got AKJ in stud suited. I hit the Q on 4th street and then the 4th spade on 5th street and eventually lose to a pair of 2’s when nothing comes in. I don’t have a problem with how I played either of these hands but did I play them right. I think the Omaha hand played it self but how about the stud hand. I was trying to get in a position to win and had a great draw compared to my opponents board who didn’t show much of anything. Anyway, I ended up in 13th but missed the final table again.

Saturday night I plat the MM again and made a nice run and was sitting with average chips with about 160 players left. I got KQ in late position and made a 4x raise. The button pushes me all-in. The question I have is that I was getting 2.5 to 1 to call with that hand. I’m only afraid of AK, AQ, and the big three pocket pairs. Should I make this call. It was a newer table so I didn’t have a great read so I folded. SLB suggested I play the “TV hand” but I wasn’t sure. I still hade some chip equity with the fold but eventually got knocked out some where in the 150 range when my opponents 3 outer hit. What do you think?

Being an idiot I didn’t stick with my plan to raise my bankroll by $250 before playing tourneys again. I have no further comment on that.

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