Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Reply From Full Tilt and my Razz game

Hello The Poker Enthusiast,

Thank you for contacting Full Tilt Poker Customer Support.

Unfortunately, this raffle promotion was an attempt by a third party to
extort money from our players. We currently do not have any raffle
promotion running. We are investigating this issue and these players are
no longer welcome on Full Tilt Poker and their accounts have been
closed. Our fraud investigators are currently tracking this case, and
you will be compensated for funds lost due to this scam. Please note
that we can only issue compensation once the investigation has been
completed, which may take some time, so we ask for your patience.

In the future, please remember than anything said by a player will
display in blue, observers are in brown, and any communication made by a
member of Full Tilt Poker Support will be in green.

If you are ever suspicious of any promotion, you can confirm all of our
current promotions on our promotions page:

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this
investigation. Best of luck, and thanks for choosing Full Tilt Poker!


Full Tilt Poker Support

I’ll be more than happy to get the $10 back. I think I put a $10 bounty on my head the next time I play the Mookie because I don’t deserve the money based on my stupidity.

I’m going to have a hard time playing the regular Mookie because of church commitments but may be able to play the 2nd chance event. We shall see.

After waking up this morning, I reflected on my game last night as I drove into work. I had a couple of big hands that mad a big impact on the end result. About 10 from the money, I raised with a marginal hand trying to steal the blinds and get called by a 6 while I held a 5 with 7,10 behind. 4th street gave me a 7 and my opponent an 8. I bet and he called. I get a 4 on 5th street and get gets an 8. He checks and I check. At this point I’m sure he just bricked and if I get anything good I will attack. I catch a 2 and bet out and he tanks before folding. This hand moved me into the top 10 and eventually was my savior as I had the bring in bet 7 of 10 hands shortly after. The other big hand was when I was the bring in with a 10 up and A2 behind. My opponent had a 7 and tried to push me off. 4th street gave him a 10 and me a 7 for a tied hand up. I have to be ahead so I bet and he raises and I call. 5th gives me an 8 and he gets a 7. I bet he calls. 6th gives me a 2 and him a 6. Now I’m not sure here but the 2 had to scare him if he bricked. He checks and I bet smelling weakness and he folds. This hand put me in second place in chips and allowed me to raise at will vs. the smaller stacks who wanted their money back.

The bubble took forever to break and a short stack got lucky 4 times in a row at the final table bubble before eventually failing in his quest to survive.

The final table was un eventful as I chipped up and pushed the medium stacks off there hands when I was strong or at least strong looking. One guy made a comment about the deck hitting me in the face when in reality I could have lost many of the hands if my opponents didn’t play so passively. With 7 players left I held almost 50 % of the chips. This is when I went on another bring in string that just shouldn’t happen with 7 players left. Before it was over I posted a 13,000 chip drop and continued to be card dead. I waited and waited for my chances and got paid when they finally came. The game lasted a long time with 3 players left as the other 2 kept passing their chips back and forth. I wont recap the end but I will repeat that is was a fun time.

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