Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Sleep, beautiful sleep. It’s something I could have used last night and didn’t get enough of. My buddy Paul came over around 7:30 last night and before we knew it 1:00 AM was on the clock. When ever we get together we can talk forever about anything that crosses our minds. My wife got to hear a few new stories about my high school years that in reality I had forgotten. The funniest story, in her opinion, was the time that Paul and I were coming home from a party and hit a deer.

He was very concerned about the damage so we jumped out of the car and take a look. A headlight is smashed and the grill is messed up but no major damage for the most part. So the deer is on the road, laying on it’s side and I’m think that we can take this dead animal and get it processed at the butcher shop and feed our families. He wanted no part of helping me lift this carcass into the trunk of his car so I grab the tire iron incase I need to put the animal out of it’s misery. I walk up to and give it a small kick and confirm that it is indeed dead and turn to request his assistance again. His refusal doesn’t thwart me and I turn back to the deer in preparation for the physical exertion that is about to take place. That’s when I realize the animal is looking right at me. Not from the ground but at eye level. I went from macho man hunter to little girly man as I screamed and ran for cover behind the back of the car. Of course Paul mocks me with laughter and openly questions my manhood. The good times we remember.

I have an endless list of stories about those informative years in my life many of which shouldn’t be heard by my children. I’m sure I’ll bust loose with some more at some point because of the mindless essence they represent but for now, I leave it alone.


My old boss just opened a neteller account. I’ve been trying to get him to play other sites and so he now has the ability to do so. I’m hoping to play with him on Full Tilt in the near future because I’m trying to work off a bonus there so we have that in common.

No other poker stuff other than I will be spending some time on the felt Friday night but not before. Meetings and other obligation will limit me until that point.

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