Monday, September 18, 2006

There are times when I really don’t have a clue

One of the things I enjoy doing is coaching. Now, I have expressed my interest in softball/baseball numerous times over the life of this blog including my passions for instructing young minds. Soccer is included on my list of enjoyable activities.

So Thursday, one of the girls on the U10 team I coach gets blasted in the face with a kicked ball. I run up to see if she is OK and all is good. That’s when the fun started. I noticed a pain on the top of my foot and realize that it is becoming more painful as the seconds go by. By the time I remove my shoe and sock I have a lump on the top of my foot that is at least ½ inch in size. The weird part about this whole thing is that I didn’t twist a body part or hit an object that may have caused the injury. By 8:00 that night I was in the emergency room waiting for a diagnosis from the on call doctor. No broken bone but I tore the soft tissue that sits between the bones in your foot. The only good part of this scenario was the prescription for Vicodin that I now have in my hands.

Now that I’ve had some success over more then a limited amount of time I am going to try an experiment. I’m going to empty all of my accounts and start over. I want to start over and see if I can repeat my previous success and how quickly I can do it. The reason for this experiment is that I want to get back to feeling the pain of loss and the joy of victory. Though I have become accustom the higher levels I know have a tendency to say screw it and make a bad call. I’ve read that other players have tried this to help regain focus and I hope to prove that it works. I have about $10 at Noble and $50 at Full tilt. When I get my Full Tilt account up to the $110 level I will make a run at a $100 NLHE table and start over if I go broke. If I have a good run I will put the winnings in Neteller and continue until I get hit in the nuts. It should be fun.
Overall I’ll have around $1000 sitting in Neteller when the experiment starts but I will attempt to stay away from those funds.

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