Tuesday, September 26, 2006



Transitive verb

Definition: tease somebody: to tease or make fun of somebody


Definition: raspberry: a raspberry noise

These are the definitions for Razz. I think it’s quite fitting in that the game mocks us the whole time we play it. It will even make raspberry noise after making you believe you have a winning hand.

I 2-tabled Razz last night for about 45 minutes just to have some fun and see if I’ve improved my game. I’m not sure if improving my game is what I really want but I’ve been pretty good at having the worst hand for a long time no matter what game I’ve been playing. Anyway, one table saw me run over it as I pushed my strong draws and won early as well as forcing fold when I looked to have a good hand. I watched Lee Watkinson do this one night on a low level table, winning many hands without showing his cards. Now I know I’m not even in the ballpark with Lee but he is a solid player and I will take what I can from any player. By the time I left that table I had almost doubled my buy-in.

Table two saw a little different outcome. I played the same game for the most part but was unlucky on three different occasions. Each instance saw 7th street kick me in the nuts, bend me over and spit on my back. It’s the nature of the beast to be cruel and it was. It is funny though, how many players don’t understand that if I have three up cards that are 7 high that I probably have a made 7 and that there queen is way behind with 2 cards to go. I did have one hand that saw me with A3 down and a 4 up. I raised and had one caller with a jack up. I bet when I get another ace while he gets a 10 and calls. 5th street gives me a 3 and I bet into his 9 and he calls. I bet my 8 on 6th street and he calls with a 7. Now at this point I have a made pair of 3s but it looks like I could have a made 8 and maybe better. He has a made 10 and calls which I don’t understand. 7th street pairs my four and I bet hoping to get him off his hand, while knowing I’m beat and that he will call. He won with his 10. I think this is the right way to play this in that only an idiot would call me to this point. Just about anything else, other then three pair and I win easy. I’m hoping to play him again because he isn’t very good.

So I took almost all my money out of Noble in an attempt to start over and refocus. I’ve played 4 Dirty Dozen SNGs there and turned my $8 into $22. It’s funny how playing with a limited bankroll causes me to focus more. Or maybe I just got good cards. I should probably take my money off of Party and Full Tilt and just concentrate on Noble but I love that Razz.

On other things, my buddy Paul is up from Georgia for the week so I’ll be spending time with him tonight. We’re also going out to my home town on Friday for some of the Homecoming festivities and seeing other old friends. It should be a good time for all.


cc said...

Congrats on the new job, and thanks for the kind comment. And you tell me when and where, and I'm in for any event you want!

Bloody P said...

I'm Bloody P at Full Tilt (there's a space).

Hit me up if you're on the yahoo girlie chat, yo. reicho3400 at yahoo dot com.

Or email me: bloodyp at hotmail.com