Friday, September 29, 2006

San Diego, Smelling Good and Micro Poker

I’m going to San Diego next weekend to attend a seminar at the convention center near the airport. I will fly in on Saturday afternoon, attend the seminar on Sunday and fly back Monday morning. This should give me some time to play at one of the local card rooms if I am so inclined. As a matter of fact, I’ve unload much of my online bankroll to give me some ammunition while I’m there. The Village Club will probably be the room of choice unless someone has a better idea for me.


I got hit on by a 10 year old last night.

M’s team had practice last night and we were doing a one on one drill when I decided to play defense for a few turns. During one of these turns I’m playing against one of the better players on the team and she is getting frustrated by my defensive skills. As she makes a move to get around me she stops, backs up and says”you smell nice.” I’m dumbfounded and start to laugh at this strange statement from a child. She then does a nice crossover dribble and leaves me standing as she proceeds unimpeded toward the goal. I guess I’m a sucker for a compliment.


I had a late meeting last night and didn’t get home until after 10:00. I fired up Party and jumped onto a $1 tourney to kill some time while I made my dinner. 1020 fine players who understand how strong J6 suited can really be. Anyway, I chipped up early when I can back over the top of a week continuation bet. From that point on I was card dead until this hand happened. I’m on the button with AT of diamonds and call wanting to see a cheap flop. 2,10,5 with two diamonds are what I see. It’s checked around to me and I make a pot size bet. I get called by the BB and the cutoff. I’m not worried at this point even though one of them may be sitting on a set. My true feeling is that the blind has a piece of the flop and the cutoff has over cards. The turn is an 8 and the BB goes all in. This is a strange move if he has a big hand unless he trying to eliminate my draw. At this point I don’t have odds to call but the cutoff makes me think when he also goes all-in. I’m looking at TPTK which is probably no go but I have the nut flush draw. I figure I’m going to hit the winner bout 20% of the time and I’m paying 2100 to win about 9000. The odds say I should fold but it’s only $1 so I call. I 6 on the river and the stack is shipped to the cutoff who holds 34 off suit for the straight. The big blind held pocket 2s.

Part of the problem here is that I didn’t raise pre-flop but I don’t think I would have shaken the BB’s pocket 2s anyway. I would have fold to him alone but the addition of the extra money made it worth staying in at the time. I guess for $1 I didn’t care but I don’t want this to follow me into higher buy-in games.
I went to bed after that and dreamt of southern California.

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