Monday, September 25, 2006

Midnight Madness

JJok and I had 10% of each other in a couple of tourneys on Full Tilt Saturday night. The first one was the Midnight Madness and saw each of us sitting really well and him with twice as many chips as me. As we were approaching the bubble I got knocked out when I tried to convince my opponent I had a better hand then I did. He called from the SB before the flop and I hit bottom pair. At this point my M is at around 4 or 5 so I push after he checked. He had to call off about 30% of his stack and did so with his second pair after a very long pause. I’m done about 60 from the money. JJok lasted longer but got caught on a steal attempt then all but crippled him and just short of the money. He eventually got knocked out when he had a pocket pair get beat by over cards if I remember right.

Our second tourney was 5+.50 event that saw him completely card dead and out a little before the first hour. I think he said he played 4 out of 40 hands. Anyway, I doubled up early when my KQ beat KJ as we got our chips in before the river. I pushed after what I thought was a weak bet and he eventually called with his weaker kicker. I hang around until we get to the 150/100 level when I get KQ on the cutoff and raise it up to 300. All fold but the BB who calls. The player is somewhat erratic but I figure him for a weak ace at best. The flop hits me as a Q93 flop can attest. He makes a strong pot size bet and I think I’m good. The only hand I’m truly afraid of is pocket A, K, 9, or 3. Maybe Q9 but that’s about it. So I push feeling that if I call the bet I wont get away from it anyway so lets get them all-in. I can win if he folds, if I have the best hand or if I suck-out coming from behind so let’s see what he has. 93. That’s right, 93. I just about fell over. I don’t suck-out and I’m done.

By the way, 10% of nothing is nothing.

At this point I’m a little ticked at my self caused misfortune and decide the correct action must be to play Razz. I had a great time and won back my losses for the night in a game of misery and self deprecation. It’s really fun to knock someone off a hand when they have a queen high showing and you have an 8 high but two pair for a made pair. I’m really beginning to like this game and seeing the power of the draw. Maybe I’ll take this game as part of a new challenge.

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