Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Starting Over

I had the opportunity to play last night so I hit the felt around 9:00. I opened a full Omaha hl limit table as well as a turbo SNG. Things went well with the SNG as I cashed with a short stack when the two chip leaders got into a war and handed me a payable spot. The Omaha hl game was uninteresting as I was card dead for the most part. It’s hard to understand being card dead in Omaha hl but it does happen. 3 hours of play saw me make 1 BB.

Anyway I played a couple more SNGs and got hit in the nuts on the bubble twice so I took my shot at a $100 NL table. I short bought for $50 as that left me with about $10 in my account to rebuild. JJOK was at the table and I had the pleasure of him turning his $150 into $250 right away. Anyway, I played really tight early while I got reads on the other players. I started off loosing a pot and getting knocked down to around $30 but increased my stack some when this happened. I’m in the BB with J2 suited and call a raise from a middle position guy. He plays very solid starting hands so I put him on AK, AQ, or KQ. The flop comes down JTX. I check and re-raises his $5 bet to $15. He call paying $10 to win 26. Not a bad call and also my mistake for not pushing all my money in. Anyway, the turn is another J so I push my last $14.50 into the pot trying to push him off a draw. He calls with an open ended strait draw. Now by my logic he has at best 8 outs giving him about a 17% chance of hitting. That’s about 5.9-1 in hitting. He’s paying $14.50 to win $51. That’s about 3.5-1. He hits his straight and I lose.

With my read is this the correct play for me to make? I think it is because in the long run I will make money.

I almost reloaded but I knew I was chasing a loss so I just said my goodbyes and went to bed.


jjok said...

right move, wrong time.

He didn't have the odds to call, period......however, the bigger problem to me was stack size.

Buying in short has a huge can't push people off draws because they are comfortable with the pot size.....even without odds. Happens alot.

If you had another 20 bucks behind and had pushed that in, you probably induce a fold......

Preflop at a 100NL 6max table, say you're holding AJ sooooted and a shortstack with $20 pushes and you're last to act. What do you do?

You call every day......the risk is small.

Now say he has $75.

You fold easily.

That's the power of a bigstack......or, depending on how you look at it, the demise of a shortstack......

Fun times playing with ya man!

The Poker Enthusiast said...

I agree. Looking at my stack size it was small. Part of the beauty is I wanted the call and got beat for it. Anyway, I think he calls unless I go all-in with a big stack. I wanted the call and then complain when I get it.