Thursday, June 15, 2006


I graduated from high school in 1985. We had some good times back with all the hair bands playing cheesy music on the radio and weekends spent drinking on a country road in the middle of no place. The Chicago Bears were on the verge of greatness as they began their march to a Super Bowl victory with their only blemish coming from a curse causing Dolphins team that may remain as the only team to go undefeated for a whole season. One of the high lights of that year was going to a Cheep Trick concert at NIU and hooking up with some girl who was staying on the twelfth floor of one of the Stevenson buildings.

When we decided to go to the concert, I was pumped. I loved listening to Live at Budokan when I was in middle school and still enjoyed listening to their music. The deal was that after I got off work I would drive up to NIU and meet everyone at my friend’s dorm and we would head to the show. I closed up the gas station an hour early, drank a few bears on the ride up, and hit the stairs running as I headed to the eleventh floor dorm- room Doug stayed at. Since the elevators were all on the top floors, I took the stairs and easily made it up there in no time at all. The only problem was getting through the locked door at the end of the stair well. I didn’t realize I needed a key to get through. After pounding on the door for a few minutes I headed back down to the lobby and jumped on the elevator. By the time I got to his room they had left and I was screwed. My two options were go home or run to the
Chick Evens Field House. The answer was obvious as I ran the eight blocks from the dormitory to the front of the build of the concert. I caught everyone just as they were entering and had my seat for the show.

John Wait was the opening act as he sang whatever stupid song he was known for at the time. I’m not sure what it was but it wasn’t good. Anyway, between shows I start talking to this girl, I don’t remember her name, and she has the great idea of going back to her dorm room after the show. Now being a teenager and full of raging hormones, I was ready for that action and we agree to meet there half an hour after the show. After I meet with my friends and we discuss my good fortune I headed to the promised land for a night of mindless sex with someone I had just met. I had my jimmy protector and my gun was loaded. I figured I’d last at least 40 seconds when the time came but I’d be up and at it again within a short while. My dreams were dashed.

As I approached her dormitory, her room number failed me. No big deal other then I needed to call her so I could get up to her room. I rang various room numbers to no avail and eventually walked back to my car and went home. I still got one off that night but that is not the same.

I have no idea what would have happened that night but the brilliance of the evening still haunts me to this day. The opportunity for promiscuous sex dashed by a moment of ignorance and ineptitude. I survived but not as well as I would have liked.

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