Monday, June 26, 2006

Rest and Relaxation

I played no cards over the weekend. I needed the time to recharge the motor because of the recent run I’ve had. I felt it was a much better idea then being tilted before I started a session of play. (I just got hit in the nuts again when I raise with AQ in late position and get smooth called. The flop is QKQ so I call a guy’s push and he flips over pocket kings.) I feel better and more focused so we’ll see what happens.


I was looking at the finances for L’s travel team the other day with one of my coaches and noticed that we are about $500 in the hole. We figured we had three options in the end. We could go to the players’ parents and ask for an additional payment of $40, we could ask for donations from local business or we could do some fund-raising to acquire the funds. Being the multi leveled intellectual that I am, I figured a car wash would be a good idea. We also found a sponsor, a local Culver’s, that would give us 10% of the proceeds from the items sold that day. It could turn into a nice event for the girls and they also get to spend time bonding and growing as a team.

One of the ideas I will use for next year is to have a monthly hold’em tourney to try and raise some funds. I’m looking at a $25 buy-in with a $5 juice that would go to the team. What do you guys think. Would it be something you would consider? It will be a live event held at my dad’s club so I could avoid any over head and still occomidate a large turnout. I think I could expect between 30-40 players for these tourneys so It could make some money for the girls. The other option is to hold one or two higher priced events with a larger juice.

Another question I have is if it is possible to hold something on one of the many poker sites on the net. I know that players hold regular tourneys but what I don’t know is if it is easy to do and would people pay a little extra juice to support the cause?


How about that goal by Beckham. That may have been as good a shot as I’ve seen in a long time. And the fact that he was throwing up because of dehydration just makes the whole situation more legendary. It was amazing to see a guy retching one second and running down the field the next. It show the heart of a winner.

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