Thursday, June 08, 2006

When it Rains, it Pours

Thanks for the responses guys. I don’t really need food stamps.

One of the smart things I did when I built a house last year was refuse to sink all of the money from the sale of my old house into it. We had originally acquired our old house for $140,000 and sold it for $240,000 seven years later. Between that and some investments that had done really well, we ended up leaving a large chunk in savings for a rainy day. Well it’s pouring right now put I have a big umbrella. We should be OK for up to a year or more.

I have two good prospects working right now. Both are within 40 minutes of where I live and include more money and responsibility. They are both in the chemical industry and familiar to almost anyone. I should get a call on one of them today.


M’s team won last night. She played well and even batted left handed for the first time. We have been working on this part of her game and she came through with flying colors.

L and I both play tonight so I’ll be tired on Friday.


Only play two SNGs yesterday taking second and fifth. I’m working on another as I type, holding 32% of the chips with six player left. Hopefully I can continue to play solid and build the roll like I have been as of late.


My wife to a summer bus route that she will be driving for the next month so her extra income will help. She has to be out of the house by 5:30 AM and returns around 11:30. Better he then me.

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cc said...

GL on the job options.