Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Thanks to CC and Other Things

Since the demise of my job, I have been unable to put what I would call quality effort into any of my posts. I don’t really know what has caused this but I have made it a personal goal to do a better job in the near future, just not today.

I want to thank
CC for the book Tournament Poker for Advanced Players. I haven’t read the whole thing but I have looked at areas of my game that I think I need to improve on and I think it will help. I even have his business card so if I need any consultation I have any idea who to talk to.

I railed
Jordan at High on Poker last night in silence as he busted just out of the money in the $2500 guaranteed at Noble. I was looking to get in this event but pulled a brain-cramp. It looked like a 10% overlay would hit so even though the tourney was a little more expensive then I wanted, I was going to get in. The problem was the Maui SNG I was playing. As registration time got close, I was in a heated battle for second place or better and missed my opportunity to sign up. It was fun watching a player I’ve read about, responded to, and even had limited contact with play the game as an anonymous observer. I would say we have similar styles from what I saw so that gives me some direction for my game.

I missed another 5 in a row by taking a third in my fifth game. I could have waited one of the other players out but I new I was ahead of the table bully so I pushed. My A8 lost to his KQ and I miss another $200 bonus. With blinds at 200/400, it was a move I had to make because the bully had a huge chip lead and was pushing with every hand. The other short stack ended up winning the event but that doesn’t make me feel better.

Overall, my Maui SNG play at Noble has been good. My ROI is hovering between 55%-60% and I’m in the money a whopping 61 % of the time. This means that I’m not winning enough and taking way to many second places. Looking at the results shows me that on my fateful hands that I was ahead in 63% of those hands so if I keep up the good decision making it will turn around.

The girls have game everyday for the rest of the week so I will be busy at the ball fields. We even have games on Saturday but they interfere with plans with my wife’s family. Her cousin’s family is flying in from Madagascar so we are getting together for a party and then going to the Brewers game Saturday night. They play the Tigers at Miller Park. Sounds to me like a night of being hammered and a Sunday morning of hangover fishing. I think I’ll make it.


jjok said...

nice return......getting a good return in SNG's is a good sign you're doing something right....

hope things are going well and that employment is on the horizon.

cc said...

Hope the book works well for you. I think it's solid for sure, and you see Sklansky's strategy which you'll confront in MTT's: the all-in shover.