Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Blogger Freeroll

The blogger freeroll was a blast I guess. I was knocked out in about 1400th place and I didn’t even play a hand. In fact, I didn’t even show up because I was in Wisconsin celebrating the return of my wife’s cousin from Madagascar.

Saturday we headed up north early enough to be settled in and say hello to everyone before the start of the US/Italy game. It turned out that everyone had the same idea so at game time we all sat around watching the game. I could go into a long-winded description of the poor officiating as well as a few other aspects of the game but I will refrain at this time.

After the conclusion of the game, all of the various cousin as well as my children, jumped into random automobiles and headed for Miller Stadium for the baseball game. The Brewers’ were playing the Indians and it was time to tailgate. We arrived at the field about an hour and forty-five minutes before the game and had a blast as we cooked out and drank the beverage of our choice. The game was fantastic as the Brewers’ came back to win in the bottom of the ninth as Geoff Jenkins hit a bases loaded, one out single to knock in the winning runs.

Sunday morning brought copious amounts of rain so fishing was out for the most part, so everyone hung out all day and watched the various World Cup games on the tube. We finally hit the lake in the afternoon but didn’t catch to many fish. L and I each caught two largemouth bass but only one of them had any size to it.

Overall, the weekend was as good as could be expected with the Sunday but it was great to see the wife’s cousins again.


I have played no poker since the last time I posted. I wanted to play in the blogger event but I couldn’t justify it with all the activity going on up north. I tried to play a couple of SNGs this morning but Noble was having server issues and thus no game. This is twice in the last 5 days that they have had problems and it’s getting tiresome. I hope it doesn’t continue because I’ve been killing their games and hope to improve on the trend.


The girls play every night this week as well as on Saturday. It is the home stretch for each of their leagues and the precursor for the end of the season tournament. Each of their teams has the ability to make it to the tourney finals so hopefully they play to their full capabilities.

M was voted to the all-star team and I anticipate L receiving the same honor when the voting is completed for her team. They will get to play at the American Legion Field, which is a big deal for the kids, on the forth of July and will have a great seat for the fireworks after the game. It’s a great time for everyone as we get to see our children compete in a friendly game while we celebrate the birth of our country.

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