Friday, June 30, 2006

Things are Better

I’ve been on a good run lately in my SNG play. It’s not that I’ve change my game much other then pushing the aggression up based on my chip stack vs. blinds. II have been concentrating on my opponents fold equity and what each players position is relative to the top three. I had gotten away from that part of my game and it showed in some of my results. It’s amazing that a push or a raise will make people fold as the money bubble draws near. It has been said before but I’ll repeat it again. Take advantage near the bubble to gain chips.


L’s team earned second place in the tourney last night. They were down 7-5 going onto the seventh and tied it up in the top half of the inning. They eventually lost 8-7 after bad throw on a play at the plate that let in the winning run. It was a great game as both teams battled back and forth the whole time. I’m really proud of the way the girls played tonight. Every one of them left it all out on the field and were spent when the game was over. L seemed to figure out a few things she had been struggling with and came ready to play. She gave up no runs in her 3 innings of work.

Tomorrow will be her third day in a row as we head to Geneva Illinois for a tourney. She be starting game one and playing third in all of the other games she doesn’t pitch. She pumped and ready to rock.

Not much more today. I’m playing a cash game as I write and have almost doubled up on donkey who plays every hand for a min raise and has his stack fluctuating like crazy. Everyone is taking turns trying to take his money and is doing it for the most part. The deck will hit him in the face for a bit then he will give it back to the better players. The new players to the table seem to be the ones who get killed by him. I really want to go to bed because I have to get up in 5 hours but I don’t want to give away the chance of taking his money.

Have a good weekend and good luck to those of you going to the WSOP.

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