Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm Back.

I have been absent for the last few day. Part of this was out of choice but most was because of time commitments. The kids have had a full plate and thus I haven’t had time.

Let’s start with poker. I just reach one of my goals when I took down the $10 buy-in freeze out on Noble this morning. I could go into a long explanation of how well I played and give you some hand examples but I won’t. It wasn’t a huge win but any win is good. In addition, any time you can add 40% to your bankroll it is a good day.

As for the game itself, I was very patient early. I chipped a little and then sat and waited. When blinds reach 50-100 I started to push preflop and stole blinds. This kept my head above water until I could double with a bigger hand and did just that. As we approached the bubble I stepped up the aggressiveness by picking out targets that were passive and pounded them every chance I got. As the bubble broke, I was involved in hand that cost me 1/3 of my chips which made me a short stack at the final table. I then proceeded to stay one step ahead of the blinds by stealing at least twice every round until we got down to 4 platers. I had 10% of the chips in play and pushed every edge I felt I had and doubled up through the chip leader when he called my push. He held Q10 while I held AQ. From this point on a raised or folded every hand and won numerous hands un contested as the other stacks were willing to let me take control. When we heads up, I laid down A9 when my opponent pushed. I held a 2-1 chip lead and didn’t want to reverse the situation. He showed A10. This set up the eventual winning hand when he pushed with KJ. I called with A8 and took it down. There were many hands that could have changed the outcome but I don’t think I could have played it much better. Fun times.

I have some other news but I will save it for later.

Have a great day.


jjok said...

how is the jobfront?

The Poker Enthusiast said...

Not all that good. The problem I'm having is that the good jobs are to far away. I don't want to move so I need to travel 1 1/2 hours to get there. Some thing will open up closer to home eventually so I'm not worried.