Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Reaching for the Sky

So after 41/2 months of play, here is how I stand with my goals/

So my goals are: 1) Move up levels in LHE staying within my bankroll a) Need 30 buy-ins for each level b) Stay within buy-in limits

I have change this to reflect NLH as well. I have ignored this goal for the majority of my quest because I didn’t have sufficient funds to accommodate the requirement. At this point I am following this guide line.2) Play SnGs as bankroll allowsa) Need 30 buy-ins for each levelb) Stay within buy-in limits

I’m playing well within the guide lines I have stated. I actually could play at a higher level then I am but I don’t think I’ve played enough to justify moving up. My good fortune could be a result of favorable variance.

Right now my ITM % is 50.8 and my ROI is 52.1%. If I can continue to maintain similar numbers I will jump to the next level. Of my ITM finishes, I winning 42% of the time.3) Play MTTs as bankroll allowsa) Need 30 buy-ins for each levelb) Stay within buy-in limits

I have had on again off again luck in MTTs. I have been staying within my bankroll with the exception of playing a $100 buy-in when I was in a stupid mood. I don’t have very accurate records of MTTs but I have had some success.4) Win a MTT
I achieved this goal last week. When I won a $10 MTT on Noble. It wasn’t a huge victory but it was a victory none the less. I’ve also had many final table appearances with a 3rd place being my previous high.
5) Prove to my wife that poker is an investment, not gambling.
This will not happen. She is happy for my good fortune, but will only support me in spirit.
6) Achieve a bankroll of $3000.

I’m about 1/3 of the way to my goal. I had originally felt that this goal may take 1 year or more but now I think I can be done within a year. I will need to move up in levels to achieve this but It can be done. I also think that a couple of tourney wins could put me there sooner. I’m not ready to work on the cash games other then an occasional session because I’m doing well in the SNGs.


I’ve been in a state of malaise lately. I think the grind at home being a house dad has been a bigger burden then I expected. I’m truly happy to be at home with the kids but the day to day grind is tough going. I lose focus on the important things and concentrate on the insignificant. I need to over come this or I feel I’ll drift into a pit of despair. At least I have my family to help me through this or who knows to what levels I could fall.

I’ve been reading Charles Bukowski after reading about him at
Pauly’s site. He can guide you into the depths of your soul if you let him. His book The Captain is Out to Lunch and the Sailors Have Taken Over the Ship is a great example of someone chronicling his life of depravity and self retrospective. He captures you with his insight of self observation as well as candid thought with his journal of life. Great stuff about the human condition.


The grand father of one of M’s teammates paid her a compliment last night. He commented on her improvement this year and the hustle she shows on the field. I would love to take credit for this but I can’t. She has done most of it on her own with guidance from her travel team coaches. Though I have work a lot with her, they seem to get more out of her. I think this has to do with me being dad and that she will listen to them better. Regardless, I’m proud of the improvements she has made this year and felt like gloating.

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