Thursday, July 20, 2006

Limit Hold'em is a Blast

Well I have an interview next week with a company in West Chicago. The pay isn’t what I want but I’ll take a look nonetheless. The position is for a Quality Manager and should fit well with my experience.

Well, today I threw some money onto Pacific Poker just to give it a try. They give a 50% bonus up to $100 that is put into your account right away. So I’m looking around the site and see a $10 + 1 tourney starting in 10 minutes so I sign up. After we get started I realize it is a limit tourney so I get to use skills I have been neglecting. A few hours later, I’m on the final table and end up in fourth. I also took second in a SNG so during my first to games I’ve doubled my money. Not a bad start if I may say so. Anyway, I’m not to happy with the structure but the players are bad. I’ll continue to mess around here for a while just to see what I can do.

After hitting an all time high a few weeks ago, I gave back a good chunk when I started to play stupid. I‘ve gain back about half of my loses from that point and hope to continue the run I’m having.


I’m trying to get an idea for cash game bankroll management. My thinking is that I should have 30 buy-ins for the level that I’m playing. Is this conservative or is this about right? Does this line of thinking work for SNGs and tournaments? I think it’s OK for SNGs but I’m not so sure about tourneys because of the higher variance involved with them. Also, should I keep my cash game money separate from my tourney money. I’m not sure this is needed but it is an idea.


No game tonight. We have a ton of rain since yesterday and the fields are a mess. It’s to bad because I was really looking forward to playing tonight. One other side note is that If I get a job soon then I will go play in the NAFA World Series in mid August.

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