Thursday, July 13, 2006

More of the Same

I play three more MTTs today with more of the same success. Though I busted short of the money on the first one, I made a final table in the second and earned 11th in the third. I screwed up in the 11th place finish because I could have coasted to a higher finish and more money. I felt a guy was stealing so I called his push. I held AJ suited but he had pocket jacks and I was done. My final table appearance saw me get knocked out when I pushed the BB and he called with pocket 4s. My AQ was no good. It would have been nice to get a little farther and to a bigger payday but oh well. I did get lucky at one point when I pushed with jacks and got called by queens. I hit a four flush to take the pot. Some luck is needed to get deep some times.

I hooked up with
JJOK on the chat box last night. He was playing the Mookie while I was playing two MTTs. We made some small talk about Titan/Noble and lamented our misfortune at the tourney tables. I busted just short of the final table in one event while bubbling out of the other.

I put some money on Ultimate Bet the other day. I have played there in the past but I have stayed away because of the bad taste it left in my mouth. You see, it was the site I put my first deposit and as you know, most people drop their first deposit. I put $185 dollars on the site about 8 months ago and saw it climb to $400 on the first night. I was playing way above my bankroll and saw most of it gone in less then a week. I hung around with around $25 for about a month, playing $1 sngs until I got frustrated and lost it all on one hand at a cash table. I was the poster child for fish and tilted like crazy. Shortly there after I figured out the poker blogging community has good information and that I should use it. I thank all of you for your help.

Anyway, UB gave me a %100 bonus so I threw $200 back on their site. It takes forever to get the bonus back but it is free money. And I don’t have a time limit. So far I’m up $35 bucks in just two day so well see how it continues.


I’m playing ball this weekend. My old team asked me to play so I’m heading to the field for one game Friday night and three on Saturday. I should be just about cashed come Sunday morning. I’m sure Pastor Bob will be looking for me so I better go to church that day. I’m already excited about playing and will see some of the best teams in the US. This isn’t the nationals or world tourney but it is a good invitational tourney. The pitchers will be throwing hard and I’ll be swinging and missing. Maybe I’ll have L throw to me some tonight just so I can get some swings. She needs the work to.

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