Monday, July 17, 2006

My 102th Post

I just hit my 100th post the other day and forgot to bring it up.

The weekend is over and it’s back to the weekly grind. The only difference between you and me is that I’m not heading to work this morning. I think it’s time to start putting more effort into finding a job and getting my life back into a routine. It has been nice to be around the kids but being a domesticated, stay at home dad isn’t really my style. I’m not good at keeping on task for the daily workload.

So after an early week spike in my bankroll I thought I would try the NL cash games for a while. I have the bankroll to play the $25 dollar tables but I decided to play low at the $10 level. I lost part of a buy-in so I moved up to the $25 level. Needless to say chasing a lose is stupid and so am I. I didn’t drop it all but I did drop part of it. My next thought was “lets try $50”. I ended up about even before I came to my senses and quit playing. Looking back on the incident, I fell victim to some suckouts after making the right decision after the flop and turn and will gladly let people continue to make these calls when they are behind in these hands. In the end, I returned to the cash tables later that night and regained most of the loses I had incurred.


Well I played ball for my old fastpitch team last weekend and I’m paying the price. Being out of playing shape and playing 4 games in less then 24 hours isn’t good for the body. Add the fact that temperatures were in the high 90’s and you have the recipe for disaster. I drank lots of fluids and didn’t begin to cramp up until the 5th inning of the last game. In the end, we beat a top rated team in the country and lost 3-2 to another ranked team. It was fun to be back on the field with my buddies and also realize I can still play the game at a high level. I was 5-12 with a couple of walks and hit good change-ups as well as some real gas. I felt comfortable and may even go to the NAFA World Series with the team in August. I just have to get the OK from the wife and figure out a way to have spending money. One of buddies on the team said he would cover me but I don’t like to take handouts. We’ll see what happens but more then likely I won’t go. I would have to find a babysitter for the kids on the first day and I would be at the mercy of my bankroll for spending money. I don’t want to use any of that money.


I have caught myself being timid in a couple of situations as of late and I don’t like it at all. I think the junk kicking I had taken in the cash games put me onto a passive wait and see mode that has caused me to lose some bets. I got out of it in my last cash game by going to the other end of the spectrum. I was ultra aggressive and test my opponents hand when I thought they were week. I also returned to putting them on a hand and trying to mask the hand I have at the same time by playing non premium hands once in a while. They paid off when they hit and it kept the competition wondering what I had. I think that I need to learn to separate my tourney game mind set from my cash game mind set. The goals and styles are not that much different but one is a game of accumulation and survival while the other is a game of accumulation. Get knocked out of a tourney and your done. Get stacked and you re-buy. I’ll try and remember.

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