Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Chicken Salad Out of Chicken ****

At times, I’ve been a chicken shit and not willing to move up in levels because I don’t want to lose money. We I made the move to $10 SNGs today because I have more then enough bankroll to do it. In fact, I should be playing $20 games so I’m still full of crap. I haven’t seen a big difference in play except that the lunatics are smaller in number. Tight aggressive play will win the day and has so far. In the limited number, I’ve played so far, my ROI is well above 100%. This will change but for now, it’s fun to look at.

My wife made a comment the other day that I found interesting. She said that winning at the rate I am now isn’t worth the time or effort. It doesn’t bring enough money into the household for the time commitment. What this told me was that if I play at the higher levels, within my bankroll, and thus bring in a better rate that the time is better justified. Now this is pure speculation as to the meaning of what she said but I will use any justification I can to continue playing. I know if I won a big tourney with a large return, she would be more then happy to put some of it in the bank. We had a discussion on the increased level of my bankroll and what we should do with it but more on that some other time.

I’m thinking about playing in DADI 8 later this month. The only problem is that I’ve gotten away from Poker Stars because I don’t like their SNG structure. Those antes add up in a hurry and my return wasn’t nearly as good there. I guess I can throw in enough money to cover the re-buys and play some cash games after words but with all the blogger sharks out there it is –ev. I’ll probably play and just have some fun.

I’m playing ball again on Thursday night with one of the local teams. I played with them earlier in the year but had to stop because of my coaching commitments. Now that the in-house season is over I can play a few more games. By the way, I’m fully recovered from the abuse that I put my body through last weekend by playing 4 games in less then 24 hours. I remember the day when that wouldn’t have fazed me at all but those days are long gone.

I worked with both L and M on their pitching last night and I think I figured out some things with L. To make a long story short, L was popping the ball as hard as ever and even threw numerous change-ups for strikes. I hope she can bring this to the field on Saturday as we will need her to be on her game. M still continues to get better and should be ready to play a major roll on the pitching rubber next year for her 10u travel team.

On the job front, I spent almost all of Monday sending out resumes and making inquiries to various companies. Later that day I got a call from my headhunter about a temp to hire position that isn’t a terrible commute and would pay me what I was making before. It’s not the ideal situation but I’ll take it if they make an official offer. Of course, my poker time will be hurt but I’m not making enough playing poker anyway.

Happy birthday to
CC’s blog that turned one year old today.

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Thanks for the pimpage and all the encouragement! Have a great weekend.