Monday, August 07, 2006

Back From the Dead.

It’s been a while but I should be back. I took a hiatus from writing because of obligations I had at home that interfered with my time as well as job interviews. It’s amazing how fast something like this blog can get away from your routine if you let it happen. At least I have a strong job prospect that I should have an answer on by the end of the week. The drive is about 30 minutes and it will involve building a quality program from the ground up. It is a good opportunity for me to use the skills I have and gives me the chance to move up within the company in the future. That is if I get the job.

As far as poker goes, I’ve made a few changes to my game. When I last wrote I was playing some tourneys, either SNGs or MTTs, as well as some NL cash games. I was having success but not at the rate that I liked because of the variance of MTTs and because SNGs are just to time consuming for the return I was getting. Additionally, the NL cash games are fun but my comfort level with the stakes I need to play for the bigger returns just isn’t there for me yet. Therefore, I had one option. I returned to the limit game to grind out some cash.

My change to limit started about a week ago and has been a good ride so far. I started at the .25-.50 level at first to become comfortable with the game again and moved to .50-1.00 shortly after. By the end of the week, I was playing $1-$2 and have played there ever since. Right now, my bankroll is a little short for that level being that I only have about 25 buy-ins but the quality of play is weak so I don’t foresee a problem. If I drop to a lower level based on my buy-in criteria then so be it.

I’ve also started to play some limit Omaha HL lately. I’m really enjoying the game and have also seen some good returns at this game. I think my ability to analyze the drawing aspect of the game could be an advantage for me in the long run. In fact, I took third in an Omaha HL MTT the other day so I think this could become another regular part of my poker experience. We’ll see what happens.

Now that the summer softball season is over for the girls, we are preparing for the fall season. Both girls will be playing in a 6-week season that will not interfere with soccer so they will get to continue improving their skills. On a side note, L will be trying out for two other teams for next year as well as for the local team. These other teams play at a higher level and could put her at a national tourney if she makes either of these teams. I think she is ready but it will be a completely new level of intensity for her to play at.

Pauly or CC for great coverage of the WSOP.

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