Saturday, August 12, 2006

Man it Hurts

My buddy JAG has a 22 year old daughter who just got married last night. Now I'm hung over.

We had a blast dancing and drinking and drinking and drinking. that's what an open bar will do sometimes.

I made a final table yesterday and went into the final table with the chip lead but ended up in third. It was a lot of fun but the blinds were stuck at 4000/8000 and not being raised. I had to be somewhere so after an hour plus playing the final table I got uber aggressive and got knocked out. The game could have gone on for a long time and as it was, I played for 41/2 hours. In about 300 hands I had AA once and kk once. The hand that put me over the top was calling a min raise from the bb while holding 6,4 sooted. It was right before the break but I called anyway. I was an about average stack and playing a chip leader so I t was a chance to double-up. The flop hit me in the face with 6,4,10. I checked my bet and so did my opponent. A Q hits the turn so I raise just in case he has a queen and or a strait draw. He pushes. I think for a moment and put him on his AQ and call. The river fails to help him and I move to higher levels. From that point on I looked to chip up and let the other players knock them selves out unless I had a good hand.

Thursday was a bad day for me. I went on mega tilt after repeated junk shots and drop about 15% of my bankroll. The worst part is that I knew it was happening and continued to play. Eventually I got away and stop the bleeding. I made it back with my third place finish.

Gotta go get the kids from grandma's house.

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