Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I like Omaha 8/b.

I repeat I like Omaha 8/b

Yesterday I talked about this game as I reflected on the last week of my play and I want to continue it today. So, I put some money on Paradise yesterday and messed around playing some 1-2 limit hold’em in an attempt to work off their sign-up bonus. I made a little money in a few hours of play and figured out that their bonus is easy to achieve. I continued this morning but couldn’t find a good game so I started playing .50-1 Omaha H/L. Let us just say that in that in 4 hours of table time I made $60 and cleared $10 of my bonus and almost clearing another $10. I am amazed at the inept play of many of my opponents while competing for their money. The name of their game is passiveness and I am more then willing to let them chase my draws. At the same time, they call my raises when they are drawing to slim pickings or when I hold the nuts. Maybe I’m just lucky. I’ll see after I’ve played for a while.

I really think that Omaha H/L is a great place to build my bankroll because the skill level of the average player is much lower then the skill level of the average hold’em player. Either that or I’m not as good a hold’em player as I think I am. It more then likely that I’m not good at either but less bad at Omaha.

I’m thinking about going to the boat next week to play in their Wednesday $165 buy-in tourney. I’ll have to get the money from my bankroll and I’m not sure I want to take a 15% hit right now but I’m feeling good about my game and a nice run at the tourney tables could increase it a lot. I’d like to do it tomorrow but I have a meeting so I can’t do it.

The WSOP is winding down the only mega star left is Allen Cunningham. He is sitting in the middle of the pack and primed to make the final table. I like his chances against most of the remaining players including the chip leaders but we will see.

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