Thursday, June 22, 2006

Are Things Looking Better?

The interview went well yesterday and even though the job would be an hour plus drive each way I will give it consideration. It fits well into my experience and would put me back into the chemical industry. I like that idea so we’ll see what happens.


I’ve been less then confident in my game the last few days and I think it’s having an impact on my results. I’ve found my self backing down in certain situations that are +EV because of the run of luck I’ve had of late. A good example of my luck is a short stack calling my big raise (half of his stack) with 34 off suit while I hold KQ suited. He hits two pair on the flop of 437 and I double him up and get crippled in the process. It’s made me passive. I will be working through this and reverting to my previous playing style as of this writing. At least I didn’t drop a lot of money before I figured it out.


I talked about bringing in a little more content to my post a few days ago but for the most part I’ve failed to do this. I believe my current employment situation has had a larger impact on me then I thought. There are stages to any situation that occurs in anyone’s life and I’m now past the denial stage. The reality of unemployment is sinking in and even though I’m enjoying my time at home with the kids, I have not been unemployed at any other time in my life. This doesn’t make me a failure. It makes me realize the importance of a strong work ethic, which I feel I have, and that it must be continued into other facets of your life for you to be successful. These are the time that try men’s souls and I believe it. I also know that I will be strengthened by the experience and will come to a better place in the end.

I may even become a better poker player because of the ordeal.


One of the things I’ve failed to do is stay involved in the blogger community. I will read a few of the blogs on my roll but I don’t comment very often anymore. Guys like
jjok and cc have been more then encouraging and I appreciate their words. Thanks guys.


I’m moving to the land of high speed next week as I will have Comcast and it’s super fast action. Here is to having pictures on my blog again.

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jjok said...

no prob, man.

Here's to employment and the grind......