Friday, June 09, 2006

No Quality Today

Just a short post today.

I read something at Nickle and Dime a while ago about playing poker after having a ball game that I now agree with. I got home last night and donked off about $20 because I was wired and couldn't sleep. I called an all-in on straited draw board with two pair and lost to a strait. I did this twice. Make that three times. I'll get over it but it was some stupid play.

L lost a good game last night. The whole team played well in the game for the most part. It was the other first place team so we are now sitting in second. It's really to bad that the league has a restriction on the number of innings a pitcher can pitch because both L's team and the opponents have an outstanding pitcher that could go the distance. L won the battle of #1 pitchers 1-0 but our second pitcher could hold the other team down. We play them one more time before the playoffs so hopefully we'll get the lead back.

My team lost 4-3 last night against another good team. Our pitcher gave up a three run homer in the first and one in the second while we scratched out single runs in three different innings. We left 8 runners on base over the last three innings without scoring a run.

M has a game tonight and Saturday while L also has one on Saturday. With it cooling down for the remainder of the week and weekend, things should go well.

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