Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Job Search Continues

Just a short post today as I'm getting read for an interview today. I don't think it is a job that I want but it will be good practice anyway. The sucky part is that my e-mail is down and the directions are on an e-mail so I have to call and get new directions over the phone. I should have printed it last night but I figured I'd do it this morning.


I've cashed in only two of my last nine Maui SNGs but each of those were wins. I've had the typical donkeys calling my big raises with A3 sooted while I hold big slick and lose to runner flushes or a three on the river. I just hope they continue to call with their crap hands.

I played my first Rio SNG last night and took a third. These games will be my next SNG adventure after I play the Mauis for a little longer. I think the Rios can be just as profitable and you get your money back for third in these 6 player SNGs. They also have a bonus for winning or placing 1st or 2nd in five straight events so there is a nice incentive to play.

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