Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Just a Wednesday Post

I’m going for a another $200 today if things go well. I need two more top 2 finishes to complete this time. It’s really a matter of luck in some ways in that I dumped AK last night to a rag flop and folded to a min re-raise. He showed pocket aces. I went on a run after that hand and went from short stack to chip leader in five hands. I continued on, for a second place when my coin flip with blinds at 500/1000 didn’t come in. It was a great game of waiting and pushing, stealing blinds, and re-steals.

L played last night and won again. She gave up more runs in this game then she had in any of her previous four but actually threw the ball better then she had at any time this season. In her last inning of work she had to be throwing in the low 50’s as everyone at the game was amazed at velocity. She didn’t walk any batters that inning and only gave up one unearned run.

M plays tonight. She worked hard during her pitching drills yesterday and continues to improve. She may be better then L in a few years if she continues at this pace. I find that sitting on a bucket with her is even more rewarding now as she grows as a player as well as a person.


Northwestern lost to Arizona in the finals of the WCWS last night. It was their first trip and they played well. A friend of mine has worked with some of the pitchers for their team so I had an interest in their success.

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