Tuesday, May 09, 2006

It's All a Game

He walked into the smoke filled room, glancing left and right in hopes of seeing a friendly face. It had been many months since the last time he had spoken to almost everyone who would be at the reunion. Months since he left that hellhole of job that beat him into submission without thought or worry. For the most part he liked the people that would be arriving there but the thought of being with a hand full of them made him fight the bile that dreamed of spewing forth from his slightly chapped lips. When he realized he was the first to arrive he relaxed and ordered a gin and tonic with a lime wedge. As he sat there waiting for the throng to arrive he realized the only reason he came was for the game. That same game he had played for longer then he could remember. It was No Limit Texas Hold’em and he played it well.

At last the people started to appear as he lazily got up from his seat to shake their hand and offer greetings. The pomp and circumstance was a given with his long absence as well as the status surrounding the plant closing. He was just one of the lucky ones who left before the walls came tumbling down to their final resting place this day. Everyone else’s last day of employment. It didn’t take long for the merriment to start as the alcohol and false smiles put everyone in a jovial mood.

Within an hour he was ready to go. Other then the half dozen or so people he would stay in touch with he had no reason to stay. Nobody was getting the game started so hitting the casino was the obvious choice for him now. As he started to make his exit and say goodbye to people he would never see again, his buddy brought in a set of chips. The game was on and delusions of grandeur swam through his head like voices talking to Sybil.

They were a good group of guys who played in this game. They had all just received their severance checks so money was no object. In the end, a $50 buy-in SNG was the game of choice with a 70/30 split going to first and second. So as the game got started beer was flowing and many of the players proclaimed their prowess on the felt. But he just sat there and waited. He waited for his spots and let the lunatics throw their money back and forth across the table like a Wimbledon doubles match.

When the table was down to the final three he knew he had work to do. He had to do battle with the Rock of Gibraltar and a maniac who held 50% of the chips in play. As time went by he used his people reading skills to crush the table. His attacks on the maniac are legend as he pummeled him into submission with an aggression that had never been seen before. He eventually tilted the lunatic when he showed a bluff with king high. As the next hand was dealt, seething with anger and remorse from his own play, the maniac re-raised all-in with top pair top kicker on a Queen high flop. The man called and showed his flopped flush to send the madman to the rail.

In the interest of time, he and the rock made an equity deal. Not because he felt he would lose but because he was a good friend who had staked him when he was getting started at the game. And as he said his final goodbyes that night he felt remorseful. Not for take their money, but for having to give up that game.

This is the official railbird of The Poker Enthusiast

I was a railbird for jjok on a 6-max table last night. I got there just in time to see him scoop a nice pot. Then some idiot makes a rude comment because I say hi. I guess he was still mad because he dropped his buy-in to jjok.

I played a few SNGs last night I took a 2nd and a 3rd at PS while taking a 1st and 2nd at Noble. I’m still frustrated by Noble because I can’t seem to get the bankroll to the levels I want. This being said, I have not spent as much time there because I’ve been running well at PS.

I jumped on a MTT last night just before my wife informed me of some job requirement changes she hade made for me. By the time I get done with her requests, the tourney has been going for half an hour. At least I still had 1390 in chips. For the remainder I sit and wait for a hand that will pay me off. At the first break I’m at T1950 by winning a couple of unremarkable hands. Early in the second hour I double up after I make a raise with 89 suited. I hit the nut strait on the flop and a volunteer steps up and gives me his chips with his over cards. As time went by I had the opportunity to increase my stack but got rivered and turned to drop me down to T300. With the BB coming I’m ready to push when I see aces. I get 2 callers and I’m at T900. From the SB I push my last 700 and the BB calls. My 87 suited defeats his AK. Now at T1400 I’m looking to push again and do so with QJ suited. I get two callers. One with AK and the other with KJ. I spike a queen and I’m up to T4200. In the third hour as we approach the bubble I start to prepare for my run. I hit TPTK with AQ and push only to get called by KJ. His three outer hits. Still at 3200 I get pocket 5’s and push from late position. I lose to over cards. Finally at around 2400 chips I push with pocket 9’s and go down to A6 suited when he flopped a flush. I’m out just short of the money. The question I have is am I make the right decisions at these points of the tourney. I’m trying to get to the bigger money so I think my answer is yes.

Also, I need an “ Ask the Enthusiast” question for this week so if you have anything feel free to ask away.

The other day I asked if anyone could identify me from a picture. I’m going to bring it up again just because I can. And jjok, you can guess again because you were incorrect.

This should be at the top but I just read it at steal the blinds. With the legislation to outlaw online poker, I think it is imperative that we let our voices be heard by the elected officials we place in office. With that being said, go here and exercise your rights as an American citizen. Send a letter to the people who should act in our best interest. I will be sending a personal letter to Speaker of the House Denny Hastert (his blog) as well as the electronic submission at the link above. Denny was a teacher in the town I live and has a friendship with my in-laws so I will use that to my advantage. He is a stand-up guy and does represent the people of his district well.

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