Monday, May 01, 2006

The Weekend in Review

Friday night was good in that I increased my Noble Bankroll. Saturday wasn’t as kind.

While I was looking for a game I saw a $5 tourney getting ready to start and thought I would give it another try. Oops it’s a re-buy. I hung in pretty good but because I wasn’t willing to drop a lot of cash in re-buys I play mega tight. When we got to the add-on period I decided to take it as I was had an average chip stack and felt confident in my game. I lasted about 20 minutes as I hit the all-in button on when trying to fold on another table. I had outs but J9 off suit wasn’t what I wanted to push with and my opponent’s pocket kings were good. I had just gotten a table change and hadn’t moved it to a safe position. By the end of the evening I gained it back on a SNG but I was pissed. I know I could have made another run to the money as the field was thinning fast and I was sitting in the top 20.

Saturday I played in a few low buy-in events on Poker Stars without any luck. I was in position to make a move in 2 of them near the bubble but lost races each time. I’ve been trying to push more as we closer to the bubble in an attempt to increase chips instead of just cashing but I have not had a lot of success. It will come.

Later on I played SNGs and had a good time. I cashed in 5 of six with 2 first, 2 seconds and a third. There was one interesting game that saw me tack second. With 7 players left I was dealt pocket queens. Blinds were at 75/150 and I am the chip leader with 3550 and in late position. UTG raises all-in for 500, UTG+2 calls, cutoff raises all-in for 300 more and I raise it to 2000 (was this a mistake?). BB calls, as does UTG+2. Lots of chips in the pot. Anyway, The flop is TTQ and it’s checked around to me. I make a bet of 300 to put BB all-in but he folds. UTG calls. The turn is a T and UTG goes all-in for 600. I have to call, right? Anyway he has the case T and scoops the huge pot. We’re down to 5 players and I’m on life support. The blinds go to 100/200 so I have to push with any average hand. The next hand I get pocket 3’s and push. One caller and I more then double up. I immediately get pocket 6’s and push with one caller and double up again. Now at 4300 I’m OK and the big winner from the critical hand has doubled me up twice. We get down to four players and we all have equal stacks. Blind stealing ensues when the original quad 10’s guy pushes with 8’s and gets called by the K8 of another player. A king hits and we are at three players. Everything was normal in that the luck-box with the K8 played every hand and hit so he won.

Another interesting thing I did was I used Shark Scope to find out about some of the players at the table. The guy who won is at –$479 total profit with his SNGs with over 400 games played. I also liked the fishbowl they had next to one of the players. My results say that I have a positive ROI (21%) but my total profit is very low. This must be from the two $20 SNGs I tilted off when I started a few months back. I only have 39 SNGs under my belt but my ROI is climbing.

This morning I played a turbo and was knocked out when my pocket Aces were no good to a K2 suited. I had played very tight seeing only 13% of the flops and raised all-in from the SB with 5 limpers in front. Blinds were at 75/150 so my 1150 raise into a pot of 900 was the right move. I had 4 callers and no chance.
Pauly has a nice post today so take a minute and read it. I was going to quote it but I would have had to cut and past the whole thing.

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CC said...

Four callers--brilliantly played, gentlemen...