Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ramble On

“I pop open a table at the drop of a hat like it's fine to start playing away. This lack of preparation and anticipation, again, is starkly different than playing live, where I would have to get to a casino (if I'm not staying there), find the poker room, get on a list, have my name called after reading CardPlayer, get chips, decide if I was posting or not, then play. I need to treat playing online more as something I earn the right to do. If I have a great, productive day, then maybe I get to play.”

I read this at
CC Explore and it reminded me of how I approach the game at times. I don’t understand why I would employ this methodology but I can see how being less than adequately prepared will cause issues with your bankroll overall. I like the idea of the reward system determining when and if I get to play but that would eliminate my play all together as I am as unproductive as a human can be. I think that limiting my play to a set schedule may be the right alternative for me. I could create I weekly itineraray that shows events that I plan on playing and the times I will be playing. I could place it on the refrigerator, under the Rosati’s Pizza magnet, so that the family will be able to see how my time is being allocated. I think with my new found free time that this is an idea I may use.


My spell check is not working and this is a problem. I am the worst speller in the world. Please forgive any gramitical issues you incounter as I have no way of fixing it at the moment. In two more days it wont matter anymore.


I had a crazy night at noble last night. I played 8 Dirty Dozen SNGs but only cashed in three. The crazy part was that I bubbled out of 4 others. It was a great example of AQ losing to A4, or other similar hands, and seeing the small stacks make a run to knock you out. I’m not really complaining because I know that the plays I made will be profitable in the long run but the short term junk kicking sucks.

Poker Stars is approaching their 5 billionth hand and thus is giving away money as milestone hands are reached. Last night I saw that hand #4,960,000,000 was coming on quick so I fired up a few $1 MTT to see if I could get lucky and hit. The lucky players on the table that hits will each receive $2000 while the winner of the hand wins $5000. So I’m watching the counter and as we get close I have some idiot taking forever to call or fold an all-in over bet with about $60 on the table. I’m thinking fold and lets see if we hit. He waited to long and the number passed us by. We missed by 19 spots. Considering that 20,000 hands a minute is not out of the question we almost got it. Better luck next time.

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cc said...

Baby steps. Maybe you put your shoes away and you get to play 100 hours or something. I'm sure Mrs. PokerEnthusiast could figure out some fitting accomplishments.

Thanks for the shoutout.