Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Seems Like Old Times

I thought retirement from ball would be easy and for the most part, it has been. Yesterday I received a call from a team that I used to play against requesting my services for the evening. I was immediately pumped and ready to play. I knew where my cup was so that was a plus but I did have a problem. I couldn’t find my spikes or any ball-pants to play in. I know this is starting to sound like I don’t have a clue but I do have a good reason for these things being misplaced. I actually had given all my uniform stuff back to my old team and the shoes were in a box of stuff that was going to be put in storage. Well after I find my spikes I decided on a pair of sweats that would do the trick.

One of the good parts about returning to the ballpark is that I have been throwing the ball for the last four months. My practices with the 12u travel team started in January and thus I knew I wouldn’t hurt my arm. I’ve also been play lots of waffle ball with the kids so I felt I would be ready to hit and I was.

I’ve spent many hours playing against these guys and have played games for them in the past when they needed help so I fit in with the team right away. Some of that fit can be attributed to a trip to Collage Station, Texas for the B Nationals a few years ago but I wont go into the high jinx that transpired there.

We played another local team that was made up of mostly kids. They’re not a bad young team but their pitching is less then stellar. Their best pitcher doesn’t overly hard bur does throw a nice riseball. Anyway, I batted second in the order and hit a double into the gap my first time up to bat. I felt completely relaxed like I had done it before. We ended up being rained out during the second inning put it was nice to feel the juices flowing again.

We play again Friday night and it wont interfere with either of the girls games so I’m pumped. To hell with retirement.


I’ve moved up to the Maui SNGs on Noble and continue to have some success. One of the things I like about these is that if you take first or second in five straight SNGs, you get $200. If you win five straight you can win $15,000 or more depending on the progression of the jackpot. I think that taking first or second in five straight events should be achievable with patients and aggression so I will work at this for a while.

All together I’ve increased my Noble bankroll to $171. Considering that I started with $5 I think I’m doing OK. I think that moving up to Maui level should see a pronounced increase to my bankroll over time.

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