Sunday, May 21, 2006

An OK MTT Weekend

I’m on an extended vacation right now. The good news is that a few of my contacts are working for me so things are progressing well.

The poker game is doing well also as I earned 20th place in 800 plus field Friday night. I moved into the top 30 early and continued to chip up well. At the time of my demise, I held AK and pushed the raiser, the chip leader, and he called with QJ and spiked a J on the turn. It was a good run and if I hit I’m in great shape.

I also took 64th in another 800-player tourney but played the whole thing as a short stack. It was fun playing that way in that I kept my M big enough to maintain fold equity and then got super aggressive as we got closer to the bigger money. I pushed with almost any paint against the medium stacks to continue along at a snails pace only to run into pocket kings when I held queens.


L pitched Friday night and did an outstanding job. She gave up 2 runs on 2 hits, striking out 6 batters in 3 innings of work. Both of the runs were unearned so over it was fun to watch. The important thing is that she threw strikes and made them swing the bat. In her first outing, she struggled with her control. She only gave up one hit and K’d 5 that time but walked a crap load. The return to form was a mechanical flaw in her pitching motion that hindered her ability to control her pitches from side to side. I think we’re good to go now as we have thrown for each of the last three days with increased improvement each time.

The same can be said for M’s pitching skills as we change her approach to one of throwing strikes instead of throwing hard. At the 10u level, throwing strikes means successful pitching because many of the girls don’t hit well so speed doesn’t matter. She didn’t want to slow her pitches down but after I convinced her to give it a try she was happy with her results. I’ll continue to work with her because she throws almost as hard as L and is 2 years younger. Mid to high 35-40 isn’t to bad for a ten year old.

I will be spending a lot of time with each of them as the weeks of unemployment go by so hopefully the added attention will help get them to the next level.

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