Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Weekend of Fun

I hope your holiday was good.

My trip to the fine state of Wisconsin was great. I spent many hours on the lake with each of my family members. It was fun fishing with my son B as he is only four but has to fish with a lure. He sat at the front of the boat and continually cast his line into the water without stopping. He caught a few fish and the bonding time was great.

L & M both spent time on the boat with me but spent the most of their time trying to catch turtles. It is a ritual that has been past down by their mother who has spent long hours trying to catch the hard-shelled creatures her self.

A and I even had a couple hours alone as hammered the large mouth bass on two separate occasions. At one point, she informed me that she was stuck on a log so we trolled over to the spot. I couldn’t find a log but I did see a 2-pound bass on her line. It had dropped into the weeds so she couldn’t get it out. We had a good laugh over that one.

I’m ready for a new start on the virtual felt. I think my focus had wavered in light of my recent personal issues. I was having some success on my quest but most parts of my game have been off. I did play a few micro MTTs on stars last night cashing in one. I never made a big move but played short stack most of the time. I absolutely need to gain a clue in my chip up game during the middle of the tourney. Right now, I’m not buying enough blinds and backing away from confrontations. Being passive is not good.

Have a good morning everyone.

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