Friday, May 12, 2006

Not Much

Today I have a sick child so I have the pleasure of posting from home. Yesterdays post was something that just hit me after ready the comments from CC. Coaching kids just happens to be one of my passions so I thought it was appropriate.

I showed up for the WWnd last night. I say showed up because I was out in about eight hands. First hand saw me with Pocket jacks on the bb. I raise it and all fold except the sb blind who re-raises. I call and fold to a king high flop. In retrospect, I should have re-re-raised to show the strength in my hand. Next orbit I am out like a donkey with TPWK.

I went to noble and played some dirty dozens taking a 1st and a second in three tries. I have to look at my stats but I think overall I’ve cashed 7out of 13 this month with an ROI of 146% so I guess I’ve been doing better then I thought. I know I will not keep this pace but making money hear does not seem to be that hard. I also cashed in a 3+.30 MTT this morning. I got lucky when my AJ busted AA to keep me alive.

I started playing the 12+1 6 player SNGs on Poker Stars for a change of pace and have been running well so far. I’ve cashed in 4 of 6 and have enjoyed the ride so far.

Not much else today except I see rain in the forecast which, no ball for the girls. Let’s hope the weatherman is wrong.

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