Thursday, May 25, 2006


I did play the mookie and was unceremoniously knocked out in 13th place. I was coin flip time so I called tripjax all-in bet with my AK suited and hit an ace on the flop. He caught a 5 on the turn to hit trips and my night was over. He almost cashed with my chips but bubbled out. Overall I played tight aggressive and got respect for my raises. I sat out the first 30 minutes or so as I got the kids to bed and proceeded to chip up in the first few hands. For the most part, I bet my hands and folded my crap. I did check raise with a draw at one point to win a pot but most of my hands were solid. I did miss two possible bets at the 200 level when I chickened out. I hit top pair on the flop and want to check raise but nobody bet. An ace on the turn scared me so I pussied out. Again all checked and the river x saw everyone check again. Stupid play but I did win the hand.


My house was hit by lightning yesterday. It blew out the modem on the computer but luckily, the motherboard wasn’t fried. All in all, my direct TV is screwed up, I need to replace both openers on my garage, and GFI outlet in the garage was toast. It could have been worse but, with my job status, this wasn’t an opportune time. The cost for everything will be about $400.


L had another game rained out. That’s 4 already this year.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing tonight....nice finish, see you next week.

jjok said...

dude, that sucks about the lightning.

Is your computer on a power strip to avoid that?

Great playing with you last night.....I think that's only the 2nd time we've sat at a table together. Lots of fun stealing each other's blinds!

And congrats on the Noble high, now let's make sure that continues to rise even though you committed the cardinal sin of mentioning it.....haha

Good luck.

TripJax said...

i was not surprised when my slight lead was gone on the flop, but I was very surprised when the 5 hit on the turn. That just has not been happening to me lately.

Sorry it had to be at your expense...revenge at the next one!

surflexus said...

I hope your job search is going well. If you need any help with ideas shoot me an e-mail.