Thursday, May 18, 2006

Keeping a Stiff Upper Lip

It’s amazing how stimulating getting terminated can be. New desires and exciting ideas have been jumping into my head with reckless abandon. I know that most of this is caused by the uncertainty of the future but, what it does id give me hope at finding or developing a new career opportunity. I’ve had numerous conversations with people in my network and truly believe this will be a short-lived event.

One of the things about a life-altering event is that it allows you to reflect on decisions you’ve made in the past to try and determine what you could have done to eliminate the end result. It’s kind of like using Bloom’s Taxonomy as a way to evaluate what you’ve learned through life experiences. When I was searching for a job two years ago I had specific goals in mind. I wanted something that would challenge me in ways that I have never been challenged before. I was looking for my first managerial position and wanted it to be as close to home as possible.

My first opportunity was with a company on the south side of Chicago. I had two phone interviews and a personal interview with the entity that would be my boss if I took the job. There were many aspect of that job that I would have enjoyed but the offer they made was insufficient to my needs. My drive would have increased from thirty minutes to at least an hour plus, the abuse on my car would have been incredible. In the end the offer they made would have been good if the location had been more convenient but in the end it just wouldn’t work.

Within a month I had an interview for a position in Morehead Kentucky. I didn’t really want to move but it was a move within the company and it was a significant opportunity for me personally. I met with one of the salesman for an interview in Evansville Indiana and felt that this may be the right fit for everyone. It was a position within a customer’s plant and involved running operations from the location. A week later I flew down to Lexington and made the drive to Morehead for a second interview with my boss. What a difference a week makes as I realized this may not be what I want to do. This place is in the middle of the hills, which in it self isn’t a problem but the culture shock alone would have been tough to handle. I made up my mind that if the right offer was made then I would give it consideration but anything short of my expectations would put the job out of contention. A five percent increase and no moving expenses did not fit the bill.

Along came softball season and a summer of mingling with other parents as our children watch the butterflies instead off paying attention to the game they were playing. In passing I mentioned to Mike that I was looking for a job and wondered if they were looking for a Quality Manager. As a matter of fact they were and thus I was on my way to a new job. An interview here and an interview there and they were ready to make an offer. So the day before I’m leaving for the ISC World Fastpitch Tournament in Fargo, North Dakota I get my offer package. It was within a thousand dollars of what I expected so the money was right. In the end I had to negotiate my employment while playing at the tournament. Eventually we came to an understanding and I prepared to start the job I will soon be leaving.

I have no ill will toward anyone here. I understand that it is a financial decision that just kicked me in the junk. Sure, the company was shown through rose-colored glasses when I interviewed but I really thought that I could help make a difference and get the company turned around. I still do but that’s not my decision anymore.

What are my prospects?

I have many. I can stay in the same industry or I can jump into a different one while continuing to manage quality. This is probably the easiest avenue for me to travel but I’m not sure it’s what I want. It can be a thankless job that puts you at odds with all facets of a company at some time or other. It doesn’t bother me to stir the pot but I’m not sure if that’s what I want to do anymore. I have had thoughts of the financial industry and will give this area a good hard look. I don’t have any experience within this area but I know it is an area I can succeed in. I have also kicked around the idea of starting my own business. I have a few ideas that I could be successful with and may make one of these ideas my plan. We will see.


Spell check is all better today so I’m happy.


I wanted to play in the Mookie last night but didn’t get away from church until 9:00. This was in fact a good thing because I needed a night away from the tables so I could recharge my batteries. I’ve spent more time playing during the last week then I had during any other stretch of play during my short online poker experience.

I did open a Neteller account yesterday so that I will be able to move my money around a little easier. In the past I had to send a check or wire the money and that was not good. It worked out well in that I have a checking account that I used to use for my old softball team but has been dormant for some time. I just set Neteller up to that account and I’m ready to go. This is a good thing because I have a 100% bonus offer for Ultimatebet that I want to take advantage of as well as a promotion with Noble. Why not take advantage of the bonuses that are being offered instead of sitting on my money at one site.

Nothing more today – have a great day.

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