Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Some Times are Worth Remembering

Tomorrow is the 21st anniversary of my senior prom. This isn’t a date that I mark on the calendar every year in homage of a long forgotten past. In reality it wasn’t that exciting. The usual high school hi-jinx was what I expected and what I got. The only memorable thing from that night was that my date Kathy was the Prom Queen.

On the day after prom we went to Starved Rock in Ottawa, Illinois to drink and be stupid high school kids. We walked the canyons and looked at the waterfalls as we enjoyed one of our last weekends before the end of school. I’d like to say that I got lucky during that memorable weekend but I didn’t. My advances were thwarted to my dismay as my primal urges and a good buzz surged through my body. At least I was smart enough to realize no means no.

Five years later I went to my first class reunion. Kathy was there and as the evening wore on I was distressed because of the advances I made years earlier. Finally, I sat down with her and opened my heart. I confessed of the guilt I bore ever since that ill-fated day. How my actions were inappropriate and inexcusable. Her reaction was one that I will always remember with contempt. She said, ”If it happened today I would probably go for it.” WTF. Don’t tell me this crap now. You should have put out then and all would have been good. Actually we had a good laugh about it and we still bring it up whenever we see each other.

I’m stealing the idea of separating ideas from Tripjax. I like the little pictures he has between thoughts so as to show a beginning and an end. Thanks.

I bubbled out on a Dirty Dozen SNG this morning. UTG chip leader limped for 200 and I pushed for 1600 from the SB with AQ. His KQ was good. I still think this was the right decision as my M was about 5 and it would have cost him about 1/3 of his stack. No biggie, please call again next time.

I was also playing a 10NL table but only won three hands during an hour of play. In the first one I posted the BB and hit two pair on the flop with T3 but didn’t get paid. I bought a pot after I raised with J8 suited when I hit an 8 on the flop. There were two over cards but no challenged me. My last hand saw me hit a set of 3’s from the BB but no big cards on the flop. I checked the flop and bet the turn and river for a small gain. I would have like to get some cards as the table was sending money back and forth with crazy action. I just couldn’t get any of the action.

Church night tonight so I doubt If I’ll play. I did get a free token from Noble to play in a qualifier for their 100 million dollar tourney or what ever it is. The problem is trying to find the time to play as the qualifiers run at like 3:00 and 8:00 central time. With it being ball season for the girls I never have a chance to play at those times. Maybe a sick day is coming.


TripJax said...

And you chose an awesome pic of a hottie with a Cubbies jersey on...well it is paint at least.

I'm a die hard Cubs fan so I love it.

jjok said...

Nice pic......

Card dead in cash games sucks bigtime......I hate it.

BTW, I shot you an email reply and never heard back.......

Where are you playing these days? Noble?

cc said...

Sometimes the best play is not to lose when you're card dead (at least for me). Stay solid.

mookie99 said...

Awesome !! Cubs fan here too ! Born in Chicago...Go Cubs ! nice cheerleader by the way.

The Poker Enthusiast said...

Hey Mookie, I saw you on a omaha limit H/L tourney the other night that i was also playing in. We were at different tables. I think we got busted around the same time. Next time I'll give a shout.

Bloody P said...

Yeah, well I like the Cubs so much, my son's name is Wrigley.

No lie.