Sunday, May 14, 2006

Saturday Night Tilt

Saturday Night Tilt staring The Poker Enthusiast. Show time 7:15
Also staring The Donkey, The Jackass, and The Lemur.
Free re-fills of your favorite soda.

I was going to edit my live blog with hand detail but the reminder of the unmentionable event tilted me so bad I’m still walking around in a stupor.
I was more worried about the other guy who had an OESD, not the guy with 2 outs. The sad part is I was on my A game and going to make a move. At least I’m smart enough to quit so I don’t donate any more cash.

I did have a good run on Noble this morning playing .05/.10 NL when I flopped two pair and hit a boat on the turn. The river gave a flush draw and two players paid me off with first and second flushes. Then a weird thing happened. I started to play scared, as if I didn’t want to lose, so I jumped off. I don’t know why this irrational fear hit me but I recognized it and got away. I’ll have to keep an eye on that.


I played in a PL tourney this morning and was top 5 with 80 to go when I made a bad call after a shorty raised. I re-raised to put him all-in with AK suited. Another player came over the top of me all-in and I called. His pocket aces were good and I’m a donkey. If I fold I have 8400 chips instead of 2000. It cost me a cash. I still went out just short of the money with a good short stack game but I never really recovered from my mistake. Maybe this will be a lesson learned.


Happy Mothers Day


No Softball as the rain has come down non-stop for the last 4 days. No big deal other then L now has two makeup games to through in at the end of the season. M has only had one so hopefully we don’t get any more.

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