Saturday, May 13, 2006

Live Blog

7:15 and ready to go

7:17 the freaks come out at night. Players dumping buy-ins left and right.

7:21 win a hand with AT

7:30 sat out to bring in groceries

7:31 pusher has re-bought 6 times

7:34 make it 8 times

7:40 10 times

7:42 12 times

7:43 14 times

7:45 16 times

7:46 called from sb with 56 and the inside strait. Now at 6700

7:48 17 times

7a;49 10,400 with KK

7:53 19 times, 38 minutes into the tourney and we have 4,700 re-buys

7:55 20 times. $60 in a $3 tourney.

7:58 22 times.

8:00 23 times.

8:01 and he is done. Thank you for the donation.

8:02 this live blog brought to you by the fine people at Portillo’s. Chili dog and Italian Beef.

8:04 win a small pot with AJ from the SB. TPTK.

8:07 fold after the flop with top pair second kicker to a large stack over bet. It was week but I don’t want to give away my stack yet.

8:13 lost 2300 when I lose QQ vs AA.

First break and I’m just under average with 7800
611 out of 1474. time to move up. Looking for opportunities to double through the big stacks. I took the add-on so now at 9800.
Sitting in 7th place at my table. Not good but can put a big hurt on most. I have less then half of two stacks, my targets. Played 6 out of 60 hands and won5 of them.

I just got My aces cracked by AK. I would have been at 28,000 and top 50.


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