Monday, October 09, 2006

Full Tilt 9000

Friday nights have become a ritualistic time for me lately. I’ll log in shortly before the Midnight Madness and register followed by the 5+.50 that starts an hour later. I will end up finding JJOK and we will chat as we prepare for the suck out that will eventually knock us out. Good times.

Last Friday was no different as we railed each other as the tourney moved along. As the end of the first hour approached, I decided to buy into the 5+.50 but also joined in the fun of the 9000 guaranteed. I was sitting on a short stack in the MM but was playing a sound tight game so I figured I could still make a move but wanted to keep my options open with the other tourneys.

About 20 minutes into the 5+.50 I get dealt pocket aces and make a standard 3x raise. I get one caller. The flop comes A10x and I check reraise my opponent and put him all-in He calls with KJ and knocks me out when the queen hits. The best part of this was that it didn’t even phase me. I shrugged it off and moved on.

Mean while, in the Midnight Madness, I double up with queens and move back to an average chip stack. One hand later I’m dealt KK with 2 limpers and I raise 7x with one caller. I hit a king on the flop and make a ½ pot bet trying to change up. The caller pushes and I insta call. He flopped a top pair but ended up hitting runner runner to catch a straight.

While this is going on JJOK is moving up the leader board and in position to make a move. I watched as he had the same fate as a player hits runner runner for a flush when he had flopped top set.

Now with only the 9000 going on in my life I’m due some karma. The suckout gods have had there fun and were ready to sleep. I stayed very tight as I couldn’t catch a flop and didn’t want to risk to much with the crazies running rampant. I finally got the double up I needed when a push monkey who was running over the table came over the top of my AQ suited. I called after some deliberation and was aghast to see JJ. The only thing I had going for me is that JJ has been my demise as of late but only when I hold it. Life turned around for me when a beautiful queen hit on the turn and but me in the top twenty. I stayed tight for the next 45 minutes as I was completely card dead until I get Aces. I win the blinds and the go on another 30 minute run of crap. As go time is nearing I start to catch some cards and move past the bubble in good shape. As we move closer and my M is around 4 I catch 88 UTG. I push and get called by the button and the BB. I have them both out chipped but I’m very worried when the BB flips over pocket 10s. When the hand is over I’m down to 2800 chips and get put on the BB of a new table. I see A10 and push with one limper and the BB. I hit a ten and it hold to put me back to where I was. Next hand I catch A7. Its folded to me in the SB and I push. BB calls with J8 put my cards hold up. Next hand I catch 9s and push again and win the blind. Two hands later I win the blinds again. I went from almost out to top 10 in 5 hands.

At this point JJOK is in my corner helping me stay focused. I want to final table this for sure and I’m in a great spot to do it. The only problem is that the cards run away from me except for when someone else has made a big raise in front of me. With the chip stack I had, I wasn’t ready for a coin flip and maintained my composure with JJ’s help. As we got down to the final 2 I had the ability to buy a few blinds and keep my head above water. At one point a big stack made a min raise UTG. I look at pocket 9s for the whole time before I fold. I wanted to push but the min raise smelled funny. Anyway, the cutoff pushes and takes the pot. That gained me a few more spots until we had 14 left. My M is 4 and I see A10 under the gun. I push and get called by AK and I’m done. This was the only hand that I got my money in that I was a big dog. I had a coin flip that I won but this was my only big mistake. Should have let it go because I would have been on the final table within one orbit even if I fold. I can only imagine earning a higher payday because I lost self control. This being said, the reason I pushed with A10 was to win the blinds but in retrospect the only hands that would call me are the ones that would be ahead of me. It was a dumb play that may have cost me hundreds of dollars. Oh well, Live and learn.

JJOK was a soothing presence in the background as I moved up through this tourney. He railbirded me for at least an hour even though he wasn’t playing anymore. Thanks man.

I did get to play a little $25 NL with Kat, Joanne( have to find your link), and JJ but I didn't really do much. Hoy even said hi as I took his spot on the table. I eventually jumped off the table because the tournys were getting in the way.

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fun times man.....congrats!