Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Random Tilt

Wow, did I go on tilt last night.

The only good part is that I made money.

I’ve written in the past about my oldest daughter and tat she was trying out for the 14U travel team as a 12 year old. Lets just say that she didn’t make the team because she was 12. The coach, a friend of mine said he made the decision to cut her because she would have knocked off a player that wouldn’t have a team to play for. But isn’t it the idea to have the best players you can have? Well, it is true that she would be moving up an age group so after a night of reflection and a little pick-me-up from 23skidoo, I realize that it is probably for the best. She can stay at her age group and gain confidence instead of moving up and being an average player.

I started to play some NL 6-max but shortly realized that I was going to give away the house if I continued to play. I played one more orbit and bluffed a guy of his hand when he made a week river bet and I come over the top with a large raise. It was purely a tilt bet so I quickly got off the table up about a dollar.

Later last night I played a freeroll just to play and burn off some steam. I was lucky enough to get sucked out on after flopping two pair and losing to a rivered straight. I bet the guy $5 that I would last longer but he wouldn’t take the bet. I was painful as he slowly leaked his chips to every other player on the table. It was a freeroll so who cares.

Tonight is the Mookie and I should be there. Worldpoker05 is on his way to Vegas as I write so he won’t be defending hid title.

Have a great day.

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