Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Full Tilt Utopia

Back as a teenage enthusiast I can remember writing about my personal utopia. It was a make-believe world that had all of the good things in my life with out the drawbacks or adversity. I think we are seeing a poker utopia forming for one of the remaining contenders. That would be Full Tilt.

With many of the online poker rooms running for cover, Full Tilt is in the enviable position of scooping up the plethora of American players. This will see and abundance of new players ready to fill their bottom line with the rake that is generated. The reload bonus they just instituted is a sure fire sign that that want to take the business from all of the poker/casino sites out there and thus move into their own utopia.

In many ways I can’t blame places like Party Poker for their decisions. Besides poker, they also have casinos that hinder their ability to stay in the poker market. Being that casino games for the most part cannot be considered games of skill but rather games of chance, the gamble part of the recent bill leaves them open to liability. Now poker is a game of skill, and being so gives any site an avenue to argue that point and justify business as usual but with an attached casino the money that can pass from casino to poker room leaves party on the outside looking in.

Full Tilt on the other hand is a poker room and thus can fight the battle to remain open to Americans. By sticking with the idea that it presents a game of skill rather then a game of chance it has the foundation to withstand a long siege upon its operations. And with the influx of new payers that will be generated with its generous reload and first time bonuses, they will have the additional revenue needed to remain viable for the unforeseen future.

So what do we have here? We have a company that was doing well and that left them self in a position to be a market leader in a 6 billion dollar a year industry. They may still have a fight with Poker Stars but their vision has left them the chance to build the world they wanted.


I played a few hours last night. I played a 5+.50 and got close to the money but didn’t the cards at the right time to get me over the hump. I think I played a little too tight overall and limited my ability to make a move.

I also played the 20,000 on Full Tilt and lasted well into the second hour until I raised with QQ. I had two limpers and the BB in front of me so I made an 8x raise trying to take the pot. I get one caller. The flop comes KK3 and it is checked to me. Now I can take a free card or try to win it here. The only problem is that and bet will leave me pot committed. I bet and he pushes with his K5. Nice hand.

The real donkey move I made was folding the nut strait when I miss read the board. There is no excuse for this and I don’t deserve to have success when I do some thing stupid like that. Lack of focus is the demise of my future.


San Diego was fun I guess. I went to old town for dinner on Saturday and sat through an 8 hour seminar on Sunday before hitting a steakhouse Sunday night. My flight left at 6:30 Monday morning so I didn’t get to enjoy much of the area. I think it would be a great place to visit when I had more time.


No poker tonight but I will play in the Mookie on Wednesday to defend my title. I’ll put an $11 bounty on my head to that player if they types “Bears Rule” after they knock me out.


mookie99 said...

Go Bears !! I was born in Chicago and lived there through 4th grade. Hope they repeat 85's performance.

See you at the tourney on Wed.

slb159 said...

Hope to see you at the Final tble again.
Growing up a dolphins fan, (I live in Pa, wtf?) I thoroughly enjoyed the MNF game where Marino picked apart the defense like swiss cheese, for their only loss of the season in '85.

Shelly said...

Did you see this Bears shirt? http://www.sixteenstraight.com