Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hammer Suckout?

Well, I got knocked out in 11th in The Mookie last night. It was truly a good game for me in that I chipped up throughout the event until I got the opportunity to double up. I was in late position at got dealt pocket kings so I can over the top of a bigger stacks raise. I win and I near the top of the leader board. But that was the beginning of my demise. I went completely card dead and found myself sitting on the BB with a raise in front of me. Blinds were 300/600 with an ante and my M was less then three. The suited hammer hit my hand so I raised all-in and got sucked out on by pocket 10s.

I really didn’t have much for cards. I made a few steals and came over the top when I felt weakness. Threw away a nice pocket pair after a raise and a re-raise in front of me. In the end I let the hammer make my decision for me. I would have made the final table even with the short stack but making the money would have been hard.

The Mookie token race was terrible for me. I didn’t play any hands for about 4 orbits when I get dealt AQ in late position. I raise and the BB comes over the top. I think about the hands he must have and fold. He shows pocket kings. The next time around I stole his blind with 7,4. Anyway, I stayed tight until I see pocket 7’s in the BB. It’s checked around to the cutoff who raises 4x. I see this as a semi steal with a weak ace so I push and get called by A6. I’m good as gold…not. His three outer hit on the river end sent me home.

Later on I played 2 token races and had my KK busted again. Good day for that hand. I eventually one a token on the other one to put me on two of these. So far I’ve been running OK in these but I need to increase my rate a little. I’ve grabbed a token in just under half of these so far but I think I should do a little better.

Have a Great Day.

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jl514 said...

Love reading your stuff. Keep it up, tough luck on the TT suckout.