Friday, October 20, 2006

Questions I Have for You

I have a question or two for anyone who wishes to respond.

Does the significance of a person bankroll mean anything at all?

Does the level of play that someone enjoys accurately reflect their ability?

I have a response for this but since I have a meeting to run in an hour and thus have no time right now, I will wait until later today or Monday to post.

It's Friday which means a night of fun at the tables. I have to make a decision to grind some SNGs to replenish the bankroll a bit or play some tourneys. I figure I can spend one more Friday on a tournament run before I will have to spend time grinding. If only I could hit a final table on a bigger tourney then I would feel better.

Have a good one.



Thank you Ski for pointing out my strength, spelling. They were not spelling errors. They were gramatical errors.


23skidoo said...

Playing levels do make a difference as to percieved expectations a bit, however there are definately exceptions.

You can expect a type of play at a given level. Going from .10/.25 to 1/2 is a larger jump in ability that one might think. The cash game differences are wider than SNG and MTT abilities as you can have a much wider range of abilities in the $6 to $50 buy in range. I have seen my share of donk and solid play at any of these levels of tourney play, so that is a bit harder to discern.

I think banroll means nothing in most circumstances. I'm personally not bankrolled to play $50-$150 sng's and tourneys, however that hasn't stopped me from taking a shot now and then.

I believe tourney and SNG players should have a tougher banroll requirements than cash players, but in my opinion most don't. Donks such as myself don't have the kind of money management skills to care most of the time...until they need to rebuy at least.

oh, and spellcheck is your friend ;)

23skidoo said...

I hope you didn't take offense, it wasn't meant that way.

I usually spell check twice, cause I try to type too fast.