Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Business Starts at Home

Nothing changed for me last night. When I finally had a chance to play I jumped onto Noble and played a Dirty Dozen SNG. No problems with being locked out and no statement about freezing my account. Anyway, I get JJ in late position and bump it 6x after I see 5 limpers in front of me. The BB and middle position player call. The flop comes 643 and I push seeing that a ¾ bet would put me all-in anyway. The BB folds while the middle position guy calls showing 53 off suit. Nice hand sir. He was a short stack so I wasn’t out but it didn’t me long to be eliminated when my flopped set of 4s lost to a flopped set of 5s.

I moved to a micro level Omaha HL and doubled up as a loose table made it very profitable by chasing with crap cards and giving the low hands a decent payoff even if it was quartered. My last hand of the night saw me with AK23 double suited so I raise it up and get 8 callers. The flop is 458 giving me the nut low and a draw to the nut flush. Then the power goes out and doesn’t return for about 6 hours. I have no idea as to how it ended up but I did double my buy-in before that hand.

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