Sunday, October 15, 2006

Let's Put a Bad Beat on Cancer

Last night was the Put A Bad Beat On Cancer charity event and many of us bloggers made a good showing in the event. I recall see change100, Pauly, Hoyazo, Kat, Slb, Iak, Maudie, Joanne1111, Mookie and others that I’m failing to remember right now. It was for a good cause and a lot of fun.

I started the first 20-30 minutes of the tourney sitting in my car and or getting the kids ready for bed. When I finally sit down, I get pocket queens from UTG. I make a standard 3x raise and a short stack pushes all-in from middle position. I call and my hand holds up. I slowly chipped up when I got involved in a hand with Hoyazo. With blinds at 50/100 he makes a call from the button, SB folds and I raise to 500 with J7 suited. Not a great hand but I wanted to see where he was at and let him know that limping on me wouldn’t fly. He makes a slow call. The flop comes 9 high and I check to the smooth caller. I was preparing to pull a check raise but something happened. He put in a pot size bet after a delay. This was in fact a great bet because we had even stacks. If I raise him I’m committed to the pot. He can throw away the hand if I push or if he has a hand he can bust me. I smaller bet of 2/3 of the pot would have allowed me to test him while still allowing me to get away from the hand. I wasn’t willing to go down with J high so I dropped it. Good bet Hoy. I put him on a pocket pair and maybe hit trips.

A little later we got involved again when he called from the SB and I checked from the BB. I’m looking at J6 and the flop comes 66x. He checks and I check. I’m hoping he catches a part of the flop. The turn is x and he bets the pot. Now the question is if I should smooth call or come back over the top with a min raise. I chose the smooth call in hopes that he catches another part of the flop. The river is x and I bet about 60% of the pot. He made the good lay-down and I take the pot. He may have called the min raise after the turn but I think I should have given him a better reason to call the river with a 1/3 pot bet. If he had a good piece of the board I may have gotten a call.

From that point on I kept my head above water until the bubble approached. I was very card dead when I wanted cards and had to push from position with junk a few time to stay alive. A hand that limited my ability to go deeper was calling a short stack when I had odds right at the bubble. I had just doubled up from the BB when I get an average hand. I raise in hopes that he’ll fold and he calls with 2 suited under cards. He hits a straight to stay alive. Those chips I lost eliminated any fold equity I had and I got eliminated in 16th place a little later by change100. I’ll take the small cash but I wanted more.


I also went deep in an MTT on Friday night. I eventually got knocked out in 18th place after a little luck got me so deep. I played a very solid game for the whole tourney and got lucky when my JJ beat AA when the guy slow rolled his aces. I also sucked out when my QQ beat KK. The gods eventually go back at me when my pocket 10s were no good vs. 89 suited when I got knocked out. Good times.


I had a blast chatting in the girly box with bunch of other bloggers Friday night. I had hooked up with Slb and he got a whole group of us together for some IM craziness. I eventually spent a long time chatting up 23skidoo while we played a SNG. Good times.


The girls’ softball seasons have officially come to an end. M won both of her games and L split a doubleheader. M made an outstanding catch in her first game and L threw a 4 inning no hitter, striking out 9 batters. It was a great day for both kids on the ball field.

M has decided to change her focus into soccer. I think it’s a great idea as she is very fast and loves to play the game. It will also give her the ability to stand out more which is something that her personality needs.

L is waiting to find out if she made the 14U travel team. If she makes it she will be moving up an age group, being that she will be considered a 12 year old next year. She has lots of potential and my feeling is that she will make the team.

That’s all for now. Have a good day.


23skidoo said...

Good times good times... I was sofa king tired on Saturday, thanks for keeping me up so I could recoup my losses!

slb159 said...

I hated that tourney!

katitude said...

great playing with you in the bad beat - i was really hoping for an all-blogger final table tho