Friday, October 27, 2006

I Hate When This Happens

Frustration and aggravation are a couple of words that would describe my feelings as I lost my connection last night. I was playing a Razz tournament with JJ last night when all of a sudden nothing. I give a call to my ISP and they confirm the outage and inform me not to expect it to be fixed for 4-6 hours. Thank you and have a nice day. I did have a brief period that it came back on but only for about 2 minutes. When I woke up this morning I found out I ended in 12th place.

I played a token race with worldpoker05 and won another one. That’s 4 for my last 5 in this donkey laden affair. It is truly incredible the way some of these players play these things. Weak aces pushing all-in and KQ calling big raises. Fuel55 made a comment about this the other night and I totally agree. But I guess I want these people to play this way because it is +ev for me in the long run.

Anyway, on the bubble, I was sitting ok when I see pocket 5s in late position so I pushed figuring for the steal. The small blind called with aces but a 5 on the flop saved the day. It wasn’t the smartest move but I took it. Is guess I should have looked at the stacks and made my decision based off that but I only wanted the blinds. And at this point in these tourneys I should have expected to get called by a strong hand.

It’s Friday so I will be playing tonight. I’m looking at the 20,000 and the $26 qualifier for the 250,000. Both of these should be fun and can turn a small investment into a nice cash making enterprise. Right now my average cost per token is around $15 so it is a nice way to play the higher level tourneys at someone else’s expense. I’ll probably play a token race for a $75 token for the next big game, so if you want to contact me for one of these on the chat box, feel free to do so. In the end I plan on spending 7 or 8 hours playing tonight.

That’s all for now so have a nice day.

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